3 Podcasts for Kids

There is so much we never considered to do when kids because we did not have this option. I include some choices kids have today.

12/7/20220 min read

As a kid in my day, the options were to play outside, go to a movie with friends and family, read a book or invite a few friends over to play inside. Other than that and drop in visits from others, we played with out friends at school as part of our entertainment.

We had never heard of podcasts. Back then, the nearest thing would be a radio play. But they were made for adults and were not usually the kind of material that would appeal to kids. The world was more about adults back then.

So when I did a little research to find out if there was anything special other than e-books for kids, I found a world of podcasts that cater to family listening and even specialized listening for certain age groups.

It turns out you can focus on selective podcasts for just about any subject these days. What I did find is for kids aged 5-8 which accommodates the age group I like to serve. There are the ones I selected:

April Eight - songs and stories podcast, fairy folk for all ages............Brains On - Science podcast for kids.............But Why, a podcast for curious kids.