Activites When I Was A Kid

I talk about what we used to do as kids and the sort of activities that were popular then.

10/21/20220 min read

I grew up years ago when kids used to go to other homes freely where friends lived and that person's mother would call mine to tell her where I was. It was a time when a mother did not think about safety as much because we knew our neighbors and we helped each other out. Being a kid was fun and part of that was playing outside.

We created many of our own games. Reading was encouraged both in school and at home as a recreational activity. In fact books were given as a thoughtful gift for Christmas or a birthday. I will never forget getting those thick annual editions of Disney comics in my stocking at Christmas. I saw thee wonderful creations as a way to learn about new things and to encourage dreams about things yet not experienced.

At school before hand and during recess, we would play skipping rope games. One was called Chinese skipping but no rope was involved. Instead, we knotted together a long line of elastic bands. Two people held each end and the person in the middle would wind it around their leg. First one leg and then the other. The number of twists increased as the game progressed.

Then there was jacks we played. There was a small bouncing ball and ten jacks we had to pick up between bouncing and catching the ball. The number of jacks we picked up increased each time. Another was hopscotch where you hopped on one foot into chalk-drawn squares. We had to pick up a small rock in one of them. It was another skill game.

Games have changed with time and I have a list of activities in my Pinterest account under 'Activities For Kids' Be sure to take a look.