Are Today's Kids Healthy

I know the kinds of foods I ate as a kid. You would think with time we would be eating better. But because of so much choice, our decisions are not healthy.

10/28/20220 min read

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When I was a kid, we were not necessarily eating great diets since we were unaware of many of the food pitfalls we know today. That is because at that point, any processed foods were not exactly revealing what was in the food. We were yet to be privy to all the salt, fat and sugar that makes up the majority of foods we enjoy today.

One advantage we did have is that simple foods did still have nutrition because the fields farmers use to grow food were not adulterated with chemicals and fertilizers like they are today. The fact that farmers till the soil again each year means all of the good organisms in the soil that actually are responsible for making food grow are being depleted. Very little nutrition exists in our grocery produce.

We also had a family where it was possible for the mother to remain at home to create great home-cooked meals. There was also a garden to provide great fruit and veggies that further stretched the dollar and gave us excellent results. I am very grateful for that since I have always had a garden since knowing the value and have harvested the rewards.

In the modern world, it takes two parents working to afford how we live. Meals are quick and therefore not always well thought out or provided for since time is not always on our side. The other thing is not everyone does the research to discover what is healthy or what they could do about it to change things at home.

I worry about those kids. I know parents are doing their best but these days, they could do with a grandparent living with them to help out in this department. Strangely enough, that is not what most families have in mind. Maybe it is time to help each other a little more. Our health depends on it.