Are Values for Kids the Same Today?

As a person who grew up in a different generation, I wonder how kids handle being young and vulnerable in our world.

11/5/20220 min read

           Back in my day, I had regular chores that I had to do every day and a few on the weekend as well. My two brothers also had the same sorts of chores they were expected to complete. We didn't mind and it gave us an understanding that this was training for when we became adults. Part of that was the 'allowance' we got for doing them.

           The chores included: making our beds each day; vacuuming our rooms and dusting too; doing the dishes and putting them away and setting the dinner table. Since there were three of us, we took turns setting the table and washing and drying. Sometimes we had to do extra like mowing the lawn in the summer or a little weeding to help out.

          We had to be polite when we went visiting and were told not to ask for anything. If somebody did offer us something like a drink or a treat, we had to look at our parents to give us permission. When it came to school, we had to keep our grades up and do our homework. Any adults were always to be treated with respect including school teachers.

          We did not have the technology to complicate our lives like the kids do today. It can be a wonderful tool but comes with concerning baggage parents have to watch. We had our own rooms where we did studies. But today, doing homework for younger kids usually means doing it with the family since a computer might be required and that means keeping an eye on where a child goes online.

          The parents of our friends held many of the same values so it was not difficult if we were at another home for those parents to watch us. They did not have computers to be concerned about or cell pones and other technology. Calling home to see if you  could stay at someone's house for dinner was on a house phone where the mother would be there since one salary was the norm then.        

           It seems to me there were just as many predator types around but they did not have the access they do today. I think the only way we can protect our kids is to let them know the risks and to ask legislators to make our transactions private and secure. I still also believe the old values stand up when it comes to the person you will become and the responsibility you feel towards acceptance of others. But that has to be demonstrated in the home by the way the parents relate to their children and each other.