Best TV Shows for Kids 6-8

Since we all want our kids to watch positive shows, they can feel hard to find. I try to assist with these choices.

7/13/20231 min read

When you look at the possible entertainment available on television for our 6-8 year olds, it can be difficult to find great content. I reviewed a few choices to help make that decision easier. I trust this will help your family too:

Dragons: Rescue Riders - this is an animation led by twins Dak and Leyla. The same people who wrote "How to Train Your Dragon" have a hand in this. The twins survived a shipwreck and were rescued by a dragon. Four friendly dragons raised the kids. You will find the dragons very appealing and the message is positive - always help and care for each other.

Turner & Hooch - this series was based on an original movie with Tom Hanks. Hooch is the fun and slobbering dog and Turner is a US Marshall. This is a family fun movie and the kids will adore Hooch.

The InBESTigators - This original Show from Australia follows 4 sweet kids who solve crimes. They use kindness and integrity to solve the crimes and always include each other in the solving process. It makes the kids feel smarter than the adults which is always appealing to children.

I trust you will enjoy these with the family. I believe in passing on positive information. And now, you do not have to be the teacher, the show will do that for you.