Can AI Aid Kids With Disabilities

This question led me to do a little research. I feel it necessary to ask parents to push this idea to give kids an equal opportunity.

7/19/20231 min read

After considerable research, I have discovered that since AI is very capable, it could be used to benefit the disabled.. That statement made me wonder since my observations have revealed that the current AI systems are biased in many ways. Since AI just reflects what is already existing in our society, it is an indicator that we have to change the data set in order to benefit from it.

That means that by making a more positive effort to download data that is progressive and unlimited when it comes to the disabled, we could actually afford a level playing field for the first time. They have waited far too long to be included and we owe it to them to be fair. Even the constitution guarantees we will all be treated equally so it is time we put that into play.

By sending your opinions to AI developer sites or even Elon Musk who has his own AI, you could let them know what your child needs and you expect the technology to reflect his needs and deliver something he can use to better his life. I think if enough people with kids who have unique requirements let those companies know what they want, there could be some interesting developments.

If this is successful, then we can also ask that other biases be removed from the data to reflect a better world. We all deserve that and should be offered the same fairness that is offered to white men who are in a beneficial position financially to get whatever they want. A fair world is long overdue. But let's start with kids.