CWD and Wild Animals

After seeing a documentary on this topic, I was alarmed. I thought I would pass this on to you as a warning.

12/19/20231 min read

If you have not heard of CWD let me fill you in. It is called Chronic Wasting Disease which is something wild animals can get, particularly deer, cows, moose, reindeer, etc. Why is it a concern to us and our families? Let me explain.

This is something that has not been taken seriously. It was first recognized in the states back in the early 1970's. They were able to track it to particular animals as mentioned above. Since hunters like to bag game and many of these same animals fall within this group, anyone taking home such wild meat is potentially at risk.

Yes, you are what you eat. That could be deadly for people trying to save money by hunting wild game. But since it has not been taken seriously as something that can transfer from animals to humans, we now should take this seriously and consider the implications.

Do you remember many years ago about mad cow disease? That was the same thing. And if you ever saw any of those videos about those poor cows, you would be concerned too. Well now, it has spread through game farms into that stock and serves as a risk more close to home.

It was discovered that it can infect squirrel monkeys and rats that have genes similar to humans. So please, for the sake of your families, have the meat tested before you consider consuming it. The only one who can truly protect your family is you. Do not depend on others to do this. Take action if you are a hunter and it is advised not to be interacting closely with such wildlife in case you too become affected by it too.