Effects of AI on Children

Out of concern, I did a little research and found some disturbing information. I share that here.

8/22/20231 min read

It turns out 12-18 year old children have used AI and have not told their parents or school teachers. The number nudges 58% of those interviewed in the US. Since we know that algorithms already serve up what kids are interested in, they also provide biased material to feed their minds. So what they think is being manipulated in the digital world and that means kids are not getting the vital facts to make decisions.

We live in a world that wants instant answers so kids depend on what the internet tells them, whether the information is disinformation, misinformation or an algorithm with an agenda. It is known that kids like to congregate online in places where they are likely to find others of their age set. Since the platform of choice is Snapchat, they are being exposed to AI chatbots.

Meta is also planning on this incorporation soon for WhatsApp and Instagram. But you cannot blame kids for wanting to use it. They get homework help that is readily available and material is explained to them in an atmosphere where they can take their time to absorb it. They also get their creative desires answered. Those among them with disabilities are using it because it allows them to be more inclusive. Who can blame them?

It is also understood that young minds are not through developing and so can be easily manipulated. What better place than the internet where deception is rampant and could heavily impact your child's perceptions. Also though AI is supposed to be safe for kids, who is setting those standards? And what happens to their information, privacy has not been guaranteed.

I believe we all have to do our part to ensure safety and proper regulation or deal with the effects of an entire generation that is not capable of thinking for themselves or seeking out alternative information other than online.