Games, Kids and Reality

We know kids, especially teens, love gaming. Many aspire to make a living this way. Here are a few things to consider.

2/20/20241 min read

Gaming has come a long way and kids cannot resist the excitement and immersion it provides. The realism just gets more and more intense and the participants want to score. This anticipation is where the difficulty lies since these are meant to be addictive so engagement is guaranteed.

Many people found out though that in terms of the industry, changes have meant many jobs have been removed from the list. With possibilities shrinking, the gaming community is wondering how they can be the few to hold onto such a gem of a job while others go by the wayside.

We are entering a new era. Virtual reality and augmented reality are a huge part of games in the future. AI will be the centrepiece so those few who delve into tech with the idea of gaming in the future will go far. That is because the future has openings for those teens of today who dream big in this arena.

But here is the pinch. Teens do this for fun and sport now and many get so involved they have a tough time separating from this and a real life. You may notice that most of these games involve killing which is taken lightly because of the surreal atmosphere in the games.

If you think this psychological immersion is not having an effect, think again. This mean the people we know who rely on this kind of life as a living are taking notice. We are talking the military here. In fact, there is a naval team who competes with gamers online called Goats & Glory who are actually recruiters.

Make no mistake, these recruiters are making a game out of war. Some veterans are deeply disturbed by this approach. But the military is lacking recruits and this seems logical to them. Since gamers start around 12, this does not strike me as ethical at all.

So take time to see where the mind of your youngsters is at if they happen to love gaming. We need to be sure they are heavily attached to the real world too so they can make decisions in the future that are not created through manipulation.