Gardening - A Creative Life Skill for Kids

I have always been a gardener. I believe this does help kids to express their inner muse. I describe the perks.

2/7/20231 min read

I learned how to garden through direct exposure since my parents did it in our back yard. That is the best way to learn. I absorbed many things: how it was laid out; the kind of products we planted; the way we should handle different seeds and about planting in direct sunlight.

That whole process was remarkable to me since a tiny seed could turn into something tasty I made all by myself. Just a little watering and management yielded big results. Kids love to help and the fact that they can see the results is magical to them. This positive exercise is a start for them to realize what they are capable of. This skill will always be helpful because it is a big part of being able to look after your needs.

Those kids will also likely go on to teach their own family this skill. Since we have to consider the future and what is becoming an alarming reality of global warming, we all need to reconsider where we get our food and our wasteful habits. Also, grocery store produce is grown in soil that is lacking in nutrients since the commercial practices in big farming has destroyed the life in the soil. In addition, pesticides are a real threat along with genetically grown food.