Generation X and Health

An article brought the plight of Generation X to mind when it confirmed Cancers are greater is this group than with their parents, the baby boomers. I talk about my concerns re health in general.

7/2/20241 min read

A recent study came to my attention about Generation X and Cancer rates. Now that the oldest in the range is hitting 60, this has become an area of concern. In fact, when the data was crunched, the outlook is grim since the Cancer rates are higher than their baby boomer parents.

The Science News article is written by Tina Hesman Saey dated June 10, 2024 entitled: ‘Gen X has higher cancer rates than their baby boomer parents’ which you can review to see the details they uncovered.

This story should bring a point to your attention that needs some kind of correction. In order to avoid this outcome, you need to start thinking now what you can do to avoid such a fate. Many of these suggestions you are already privy to.

I keep bringing up the fact that we cannot trust the veggies and many products in the grocery store because the ground it is grown in is devoid of the usual nutrients you might hope to find. Also, since products are often sprayed to fend off pests, that deadly spray is likely in your edibles.

So perhaps it is time to think about growing some of your own where you have control over the kind of product you end up with. During the second World War, Victory Gardens were everywhere, both out of necessity due to shortages and it helped to feed the hungry.

We also need to support organic gardeners and demand more from our government when it comes to standards of growing. Frequent local markets so you can also get fresher goods and put them away to feed your family over the winter months. It also gives much needed funds to those who do bother to grow in a mindful way.

Forget processed food, pop, sugar-laden goodies and fast food outlets where we go to get our fix of useless calories because we like the taste. We now know all that sugar, oil and salt is hurting us down the road. Care what happens to you and our planet. There are serious consequences ahead.