Get Kids Into Hobbies

As a kid, I had a few hobbies that followed me into adulthood. This is about how they help us on the learning journey.

4/5/20231 min read

My father figured we kids should learn a few hobbies that might teach us confidence and creativity. As kids we often went off camping come summer with another family on a Hornby Island where we collected all kinds of interesting stones and fossils. The stones I was able to use in this new hobby. My brothers were also fascinated by this so we all did it together.

The hobby was Lapidary which is where you use stones to create all kinds of jewelry. There was a rock and gem place that offered this training in our town and we decided to learn all about it. Needless to say, our folks and others received jewelry gifts for a few years. But it really was fascinating and the colors in the rocks were so beautiful. We learned about where to find these rocks and how to get samples. We also learned the names of these stones.

Knowing that you can do something well is great for building confidence. It was also a practical way to stretch our interest in gathering stones. Even the fossils became useful because it taught us about history millions of years ago and the creatures and plants that existed then. Those became school projects. But even years later, I thought about starting up a jewelry interest and it did fire up an interest in starting a business in general.

My point is you never know where this interest will take you. If your kids are fascinated by something that could become a hobby, do not hesitate to encourage that. I think you will find it creates a greater bond between you and them. And as I said, you never know where it will lead them in the future.