How Animals Impacted Me

My life has been a wonder when it comes to animals. I realize they have a healing influence and connect us to the living world. I share that with you here.

5/31/20231 min read

Even when a child, I felt close to the natural world. That was the place that made sense to me and anything living was attractive. Many groups I was fortunate to belong to made being outside in that living place part of the program. It drew me closer and closer to the meaning of life. It also made me more curious to find out about some of the mysteries I became aware of at different points of my upbringing.

When I joined brownies and then girl guides, those badges I had to earn which took me into the woods and mountains I lived near were like special achievements in my soul. What I mean by that is that when taking a cooking badge which I did over an open fire, all the elements of living in the wild were there. It was so removed from my life in the city and it felt so comfortable like it was an old memory I just no longer had reason to connect with.

What I discovered is that animals seemed to be drawn towards me. I had an innate sense they would not harm me and enjoyed being in their presence. What that taught me is we all have this ability to tune in and they can sense our willingness to align with one spirit to another. How had we managed over the years to remove ourselves from this ability? Maybe people just did not see the beauty or significance since they were being more self-centered and were moving away from spirit.

I know that children still sense this. The fact that animals appear at certain points in our lives is not a fluke. It happens because they are trying to reconnect to let us know we just have to follow our instincts to handle anything in our lives. Animals do it all the time. All we have to do is live in the moment and tune in. The type of animals that appears is important too. The harmony created aligns you with the spiritual world and your true self. That is why animals are part of my stories with children in my e-books for kids.