How Kids Learn

I recall learning by example when young. So watching my parents and other kids had an effect. Is it the same today?

6/20/20231 min read

Every young child learns by having a loving parent encourage them or deter them from some form of action. This works fine when the world consists of only mom and dad and some siblings. Brothers and sisters do have some effect but not till a bit later like when we share the same bedroom, the same chores, when sharing toys, etc. So mom and dad have the right positioning to make an impression.

So when does it happen that we are suddenly aware of ourselves as being different from our parents and other siblings? When we become aware of self we notice the same urges or abilities are not shared. They differ somehow. If your family is very active and kids are out in social situations frequently, they may start earlier. But generally in kindergarten you begin to see other children your age every day and notice there are some circumstances where you just do not fit in.

Playing in the sandbox, you notice some kids do not share. You can easily be drowned out by a majority of youngsters who want something you do not. So now you realize there is a time to accept and a time to give. This is learning that extends beyond basic functions like eating or dressing yourself. You are learning who you are and what you want. The trick is to blend in as an individual.

Some do this very well. Others never figure out what benefit there is to quietly taking note and moving on. I was one of those kids who felt different. But I knew how to blend in and what was expected of me. I was learning to be me in a sea of others who were doing the same.