How My Journey With Kids Began

I recall my interactions with kids that led me to want to help them through stories and loving animals.

1/10/20230 min read

As a young kid, I had a fairly good sense of adventure and what I could not get directly, I was able to obtain through reading. It just amazed me the journeys others would have and the solutions to issues they discovered. But then my dad had a lot to do with our adventurous yearnings. He was the one who encouraged us to join guides, scouts, cubs and other organizations.

In fact, he was a commissioner in scouting. He wore his short pants proudly. I remember that fondly years later when I became the President of Scouting in my region. I was also a cub leader which I found rewarding because the boys were always needing someone to direct their activities and to talk to about their projects. The mothers of these little guys seemed to appreciate me too.

The other thing I remember as a kid was the trips we took in the summer which usually involved finding ghost towns in the interior of B.C. There was a lot of camping and fishing involved and making all kinds of rustic furniture with twigs and string. I got quite good at being creative, something I was to use later as a writer and illustrator.

Later in my life I recall working with autistic kids both in the school system and separately through a contract. Working with them I saw the world through new eyes. I was fascinated at how simplified the world became when they had to deal with issues. They taught me a lot about appreciating what we have. I also worked with children who were mentally challenged. Never think a child is not listening just because they are not looking at you. They need so much more understanding.

The work I did in classrooms was one-on-one with mentally challenged kids but it never failed that the regular kids around us needed some attention too. I was happy to help the teacher by being an aide as well. The curiosity they had about me was fascinating. I just wanted to make their world simpler and better.