How To Help Kids To Write

My journey as a kid who wanted to write was not the best road to encourage anyone. I want parents to know how to help budding authors.

2/1/20231 min read

I can recall wanting to be an author very early in my life. When I passed this knowledge on to my parents, they did not encourage me. As it was, I became a shy kid who needed some sort of support since there was a lot of criticism about what we did and how we did it. I felt I did not measure up somehow so it felt like I had to try twice as hard as my two brothers.

Parents universally care that their kids get on the right track when it comes to a career. I knew that. But if I had received encouragement, my journey would have been much simpler and my self-esteem would not have taken such a hit. In spite of it all, I persevered. You might say it paid off since I did finally get there. But I would like to say in defense of those kids interested in writing, do make them feel there is a chance for them in that world.

At some later date, they may change their minds since kids often do when young. But at that very moment, they are feeling the waters and should be introduced to avenues that will get them on their journey. Maybe you could introduce them to an author and let them ask questions. Helping them to learn proper English is also a great step. You might also encourage regular writing to learn sentence structure and more.

The teacher might also be encouraged to join in and help the cause. She would have materials that would assist. A visit to the library might also be in line to find a book on the subject. Reading is an excellent way to expose your child to words and should be encouraged. Do whatever you can and they will blossom.