Is Your Kid an Inventor

I thought parents might be interested to see young minds that have actually created things.

5/23/20231 min read

Many young minds are curious enough to see how things work and want to find a way to make some of those things work better. Sometimes it happens because of an issue they experience at home that brings it to light. Other times an interest or hobby might lead them to experience a situation or problem they might not otherwise have been exposed to.

No matter how it happened, these kids are mind-blowing. It just shows that there are so many untapped abilities we do not realize in kids till they materialize. One such child was a young boy who went blind at the age of three. Louis Braille found another method to communicate that was similar to the French military at the time. He is credited with creating the braille system in 1924.

Then there is Abbey Fleck who loved bacon but not the fat associated with it. Paper towels were messy and she wondered, if you could cook the bacon by hanging it. Her thought led to creating a device to do just that through an effort with herself and her dad. She patented the idea in 1993 and it can be found in many stores including Walmart.

Another child called Frank Epperson has been credited with creating the popsicle back in 1905. He did this with soda water powder and water which he left outside on a cold winter's night and this mistake yielded a version of what we see today. Another child called K.K. Gregory invented wristies for the wrists to keep cold air out of her coat which could be worn under her mitts to keep her warm.