Kids & Facial Recognition AI

This is a concern that is rapidly developing and our children will end up with the consequences.

10/16/20231 min read

It seems that when it comes to different platforms, some parents think exposing their children is okay and others are working hard to protect them. This seems to be the case on Tik Tok, a dangerous site because of its affiliation with the Chinese government who own it and use it to collect information about foreign people. They are aware it is a gathering place for the young which is concerning.

That means many individuals are being exposed from an early age and now with the advent of Facial Recognition AI, they can be tracked right down to a home address. If you think that is not a concern for you with all the perverts cruising the internet, you should think again. Now, not only does law enforcement have the technology, it is out there for any individual to use to find children.

Law enforcement used Clearview AI to find victims of child sexual abuse. Human rights organizations use PimEyes which is available for others to use. The makers of PimEyes have decided the threat is too great and so are working on blocking child searches. This is good news but parents might be inadvertently aiding the algorithm when they search for their own children.

So something that parents enjoy doing like sharing photos of their kids is now a risky decision. Most people have their privacy settings turned on to 'public' because of that desire. You also have to ask family and friends to protect the kids too which means changing the settings to 'private' because it is amazing how easy this is to accelerate the process.

Some parents have tried to remove any traces of their children only to find the photo came from another unusual source like a place that uses video and the child was picked up in a crowd. We are entering a scary time for kids who will be the ones to deal with this in the future. So we need to think about that now for their sake.