Kids and Their Weight Issues

These days, we are not paying attention to what we feed ourselves and that includes what we feed our kids.

4/26/20231 min read

When I think back to being a youngster, the issue of weight just was not a big problem because most kids were relatively within the same range and there were few who were overweight or obese. But it seems today, one in three kids is. That is frightening and very disturbing because this kind of problem could mean an early death if not addressed.

While I am aware parents today have their hands full and they often opt for fast meals as opposed to cooking meals that are healthy, that cannot become a way of life. It is just as bad for the parent as the child. I have heard some folks complain that it does not make their kids happy to eat vegetables. That always makes me smile because in my day, we had to eat what was in front of us and I guess that is a good thing.

Our best intentions to make our little ones happy is hurting them in the end if it means giving in to their demands for unhealthy eating. Explain to them about the dangers of overeating and start on a healthier road by doing the thing you advocate for. Cook meals ahead of time and freeze them. Make a garden with your kids and teach them how to look after themselves with real food.

Get them to research food for themselves to get them interested and then they will be part of the process. Show them the videos that do not sugar-coat the truth (excuse the pun). Then they will realize what you are telling them is accurate. Stick to your guns about offering only the best options. That does not have to be expensive. But it will take some organization and thinking ahead, especially if you are a working parent. What you will discover is with a little effort, you will actually spend less. I wish you the best on your journey. Your life does depend on being healthy.