Kids, Cell Phones and Canada Regulations

There has been a recent decision by the Department of Education in Ontario, Canada concerning kids and cell phone use.

4/30/20241 min read

Just two days ago, the Canadian government and the Department of Education made a decision that will affect all school kids in Ontario. This is due to be initiated and effective as of the new school year in September, 2024.

No doubt this will also be in effect in all other provinces with time. That is because the decision to do this was carefully considered after having experts look into the state of mental health in our kids at school. They are being easily distracted so learning is hindered and they often display concerning signs of depression and stress.

They are on their devices for a minimum of 5 hours a day. There are many reasons for this including the fact that all their friends hang out on certain platforms, they also have an interest in seeing what those same kids are doing on platforms where they submit videos and blog posts.

The algorithm of the platforms work to keep them online, particularly on the platform where they submit their questions. Then follows a rabbit hole of distractions to grab their attention making it harder to get off and shut it down.

We already know some of that manipulation is harmful due to the actual content. Big tech is being approached in courtrooms to change this but so far, there is little that has transpired that is helpful. And since cell phones are connected to the internet, taking the phones away makes sense, especially during a school day.

Also, for all the helicopter parents who demand to be in contact with their kids at all times, if there is a real need to reach them or they need to contact the parents, it can be done in lunch hours or after class. Also, just like in days gone by, messages can go both ways through the principal's office like if there is an emergency.

I applaud this move because something had to be done before students suffer irreparable harm. After school, parents can define use as it should be. But education is important to the future of children. We owe it to our kids to protect them.