Kids With Positive Minds Thrive

My journey to discover enlightenment led me to realize it comes down to a positive belief system. I hope to help kids with that.

3/15/20231 min read

As a typical kid, I was raised to believe what my family lived. But I was one of those observant types who noticed my friends were not the same and had different ways of looking at things. I accept that we are different. What was obvious to me was that we seem to believe in the negative forces more than the positive ones. I suspected there was more to it and became a spiritual person in pursuit of answers.

So began my search to make sense of all the things that seemed to lack answers and yet we blindly accepted them. The questions I asked of my family got vague answers leaving me wanting the truth even more. Even my religion told me there were some huge holes in what we were meant to believe. That began my fever to learn more through books. It was to be a long journey and one filled with doubt and ending in enlightenment.

While everybody might have their own journey of discovery to make sense of the world, mine was truly solitary. No doubt it had something to do with the era I grew up in where you did not question the way things were. I was also to be respectful which meant I could never get the truth. But slowly and surely, my reading brought about answers that I could validate.

I was a person who believed in nature and the lessons it teaches us. Nature taught me a lot. I started to listen and observe. I feel very blessed about how that journey came about and what I discovered. My hope is to help children lead happier and healthier lives through their beliefs. It all comes down to a positive attitude. Any kind of negativity including stress, fear, anger, resentment, jealousy and the like are all related to affects that torment the body and mind. The trick is to remain positive and believe the universe will deliver positive experiences. I am here to assure kids it does.