Life Always Wins over Perfection

I recently read an article in the NY Times that made me question life again and it bears talking about since nature also reflects the fact that life always perseveres.

3/25/20241 min read

We humans always seem to think that the sheer numbers of anything means perfection and therefore anything that deviates must be ridiculed or questioned for being abnormal. But who determines the word normal anyway. No one person has that right.

Look at all the people in the world who were born different from the average person. Yes we notice them since they tend to stand out. But does that give us the right to see them as lesser or inferior? We do this to people with disabilities all the time yet if you ask them, they are usually reasonably content with their lives.

When you see this reflected in nature, we do not know what to make of it. For example, in Columbia there is a bird called a green honeycreeper. As some may know, the ecosystem in Columbia is beneficial and accommodating to a wide array of bird species.

The article I read that brought me to be aware of this bird was by Emily Anthes dated March 7, 2024 entitled: 'This Bird Is Half Male, Half Female, and Completely Stunning' which notes this special creature. It turns out this is the only recognized species of honeybird with this adaptation that is alive to be discovered in the wild.

One side of the bird is female and the other is male in coloration. This is referred to as bilateral gynandromorph which is a mouthful. The bird was acting in a perfectly natural way and appeared to be quite healthy, just different in this one aspect.

No doubt others of the same species might be a tad confused but this little bird did not seem to be very social or be actively pursuing a mate. It is as if, he or she took this condition in stride and made the best of it. We surely can be inspired by this and maybe learn a lesson about treating others respectfully.

I feel that because of our differences, the world is a much better place and far more interesting. Maybe we can take this story to heart and just enjoy things as they are rather than finding division wherever we look. I live for that day.