Making Homework Easier For Kids

It strikes me if we set our kids up for success early, they will do better as homework is expected and gets larger with time.

9/18/20231 min read

Going back in time, I recall when arriving home from school, I was allowed to have a snack and a half hour or so to relax and then was expected to do my homework. Usually dinner would interrupt that process at one point but it gave me a break and then I was back to it. After researching a bit, these are the kinds of suggestions to help your kids today with this task:

  • Kids need a routine so they know what is expected. So make a set time to do the homework each evening. But as I mentioned, do allow a bit of time to let them unwind from school so they are ready to go and refreshed.

  • They need an area that is set aside for them to work, one that is not noisy or in the middle of the action in the household. You will want some good lighting and a few tools like paper, a pencil or pen and a desk of some sort.

  • You will want to be nearby to check on their progress and to cheer them on.

  • It helps if they learn you are a role model to follow in terms of good study habits. That could mean you learn things by reading or take courses, etc.

  • In the early years, much of the homework is fun and has elements that overlap where the child is learning without realizing it. Try to establish that feeling that learning is a desired thing.

  • Those very early years involve a lot of reading and this is easy to encourage since bedtime stories can coincide with the activity from school.

  • By they time they get to school, they should know about completing tasks at home in some capacity like chores where they learn the necessary discipline to carry through and then reap the rewards which could be as simple as ample praise for a job well done.