Memories As A Kid

I have one recollection that stands out for me. It got me to wondering if other parents had to deal with this.

8/2/20231 min read

There was a time I recall when I decided nobody was listening to me and it was time to make them notice. I think I might have been around 8 or 9 at the time. I told a friend of mine about it and she became a co-conspirator for my plan, at least to a point. She liked me but she did not really understand. All she knew was I meant it and she figured I needed a buddy to help me.

So I made a plan. I was going to run away from home. I had my doll and her doll suitcase which I used to hide my few things and a little food. We had a fair amount of freedom as to where we went to play in those days so all my mother knew was I was likely with this friend just down the block. Mothers in those days used to call and let the other parents know their child was at her house and safe. So that worked well for me.

My friend and I said we were off to play and take a walk with out dolls. We went off to a nearby park and sat down to do just that. We talked about this being a great place to stay overnight because of the trees and it was private. We got hungry so decided to eat the snacks we brought. It got a little later and we were getting bored. That is when my friend said that we should go home. The park was no place to stay.

I had to agree with her. I was now a bit scared, still angry with my parents but I knew this was not the solution. When I got home, my mother was angry at me for being late to lunch. I never told her about my plan. But I remember the feeling very well. I guess what I am saying to parents is, know what your kids are feeling. Talk to them to find out before they try something like this and maybe this time, they go through with it.