Monitoring Your Kids

It seems some parents have taken on a newer policy to protect their kids. Read more here.

7/27/20231 min read

I have recently discovered that parents have used another kind of technology to monitor their kids . In a world where this is a great idea since there is plenty to be concerned about, I applaud this kind of innovation. After all, kids have to go to school and are often on play dates and doing activities that might take them away from us and our protection.

This way of monitoring comes in the form of an Apple Air Tag. It is a small metal tag that comes in a pack of four and is small enough you can stick it in a corner of the back pack your child owns and takes with them. It was created to help the user find lost things. But parents have realized it is great for finding out where their child is located. So it works well for both purposes.

Your iPhone will easily show you where your son or daughter is. Anything that is Bluetooth enabled will send a signal and locate the tracker. So no internet is needed here. Consider this low tech but equally effective. It is also water-resistant and can be customized so people will know this belongs to you. This is about the size of a quarter and so is easily small enough to snuggle into an area where it will not likely be easily disturbed.

It operates using a coin battery, the sort used in a wristwatch. You can rely on it working for about a year. That seems quite reasonable to me. While some parents might not like doing this, if your child is too young for a cell phone, it will put your mind at ease.