New Idea To Calm Kids

I was fascinated to find research that reinstates the need for touch in our lives to help children.

11/20/20231 min read

Neuroscientists have discovered something that will be helpful to those parents who are open-minded enough to try another approach to calming a crying child or one who is upset and restless. Telling them what to do and yelling is not working as most of us can proclaim.

So what have they discovered? Remember studies years ago about how babies need that experience of being held and touched in order to develop fully and to feel secure in a strange world? They found those who did not get this became easily distressed and this led to behaviour problems in later life.

Our fast-paced world has forgotten that this is very important. So it should not come to surprise anyone that we need this in our lives. That touch on our skin lights up the brain and alters those sites controlling emotion. So by understanding how to use it, we can help our frustrated kids to cope.

Apparently, there is a name for this in several different languages. It is called 'Yakson' in Korea. In Delhi, it is called Malish. But no matter what you call it, this is about a light massage using all the fingers like little probes moving all about on the scalp.

The idea is to use this method without going to fast or slow, it must feel soothing. Animals enjoy this too since it affects their nerve endings when done properly and makes them feel relaxed. They also do this to their babies with their tongues which helps them relax.

Most kids do enjoy this because it brings parent and child closer. However, autistic kids might not since they are over stimulated all the time and this might just frustrate them. But knowing your own child and what they like is half the battle here.