Sammie to my rescue

This is all about my sweet Sheltie dog Sammie. He is the light of my life and here is why

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

6/18/20212 min read


This is my little dog Sammie. He is currently 2 1/2 years old and as cute as the dickens. He is considered a Sheltie and came from Shepherd parents which is where he gets is collie looks and all kinds of energy.

Of course, I do not have any sheep for him to manage, just a generous back yard full of veggies, herbs and flowers. That seems to satisfy his need to be outside and he does run around back and forth from the porch which is his vista point to sit and survey the neighborhood.

He considers himself a sentry and on duty from that vantage point. It makes him happy so I do not mind. But sometimes he gets carried away thinking he has to bark a lot to warn me of someone walking nearby or a car passing down the road. So I let him know all is well and calm him down.

While he does that, I am busy in my garden weeding, planting, watering and moving plants and dirt about. I do it because I enjoy getting my fingers in the dirt and watching all that green growth rise and shine. I also do it because I have never been without a garden which always delivers a bountiful crop of nutritious veggies.

Sammie loves the smells and the beneficial bugs that abound. I like to talk to myself so I also talk to my plants and a new visitor like a butterfly. No I am not crazy . I just enjoy living things around me and like to communicate even if it is one-sided. Sammie seems to understand that.

In fact, he understands a great deal. Everyday he creates some new game that is very inventive and it takes me a bit to realize that is what he is doing. As an example, he takes the floor rugs in the bathroom and crumples them up and then waits for me to notice. I then put them back in place and the game goes on for another round. It is all about wanting to play and getting me to join in.

That sense of play also rolls into our walks first thing in the morning. We have a park-like area just beyond our back yard that is full of pine trees, lots of plants and sometimes a herd of deer. When there is deer, he doesn't always notice if I don't react and they stand stone still. If he does see them, he barks and eventually they flee. But usually it is a nice peaceful time together and he tends to want to go where the best smells are. All dogs love that so I spend extra time letting him do that. It does make him playful as if filled with joy.

That joyful state is one of those connections we have that draws us closer together. He knows when to pull me away from my computer and my writing and when to let me go on. I tend to go on too long so actually need a break and he brings that to me like a good friend. That is the best description of our relationship, he is a good friend. I feel very privileged and lucky to have him. I know all dog lovers feel this way but it serves me no end of amazement and joy.