The Hummingbird That Delivered A Miracle

One of my newest e-books for kids is on one of my favorite characters.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

8/3/2021 1 min read

My recent e-book for kids is about, The Hummingbird That Delivered a Miracle. I picked the subject because I have a fascination for the little guys and gals. They are little power houses and worthy of notice.

Every year I put out my feeder hoping one or two will find it and enjoy the sugar-laced food. They are fascinating to watch and masters of flight. No other bird I know can stop mid air and hover like that, not to mention displaying incredible speed. In fact, their little wings are beating so fast, they become invisible and all you hear is a little hum.

On one occasion while watering my garden, I spotted one of them hovering nearby. I was outside the thatched fence that surrounds my garden and I used the hose to arch up and over the fence into that space. All of a sudden, the bird came right up to the spray, had a little shower mid-air and I held the hose steady to watch for a while.

Little behaviors like that endear me to the little characters. On another occasion, I was visiting a friend who had an assortment of plum trees outside his home and a forest of feeders to accommodate the many feathered little pilots who decided to nest in those trees. My friend spent an unbelievable amount of time filling those feeders and he loved every minute.

The characters in my e-books are all animals, birds or aquatic creatures who endure challenges but always overcome whatever comes their way. That is why I use animals to give my message that all challenges we have in our lives can be managed. Little hummingbirds certainly defy the odds and give us so much joy. I was happy to add them to my characters.

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