A Writer's Mindset

What makes a person want to write for children? I explain my thinking.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

1/9/20221 min read

I helped to raise two other step children years ago and one of my own. I also had a teenage foster daughter for several years and so I understand how children think and appreciate what life gives them. I also know about their insecurities and how this can affect their psychological development.

Each child comes into the world with his own way of looking at things and they all react differently to circumstances. No two are exactly alike as far as their personalities go but they are similar in their emotions.

When a child believes in him or herself, they blossom and grow in a special way. Those kids seem to become leaders, directors, managers and such because they have the confidence to drive forward. But we adults know that there can be setbacks because circumstances can stand in the way and change that confidence.

Take a child who is bullied for instance. After countless interactions, that child will learn he is ineffective and he sees himself as inferior to others which is why he thinks he deserves to be treated badly. With the right direction at that moment in time, a child can learn to love himself again and turn his life around.

The right direction can come from any positive source. In this case, I like to believe I am that positive influence through my stories that encourage children to handle challenges. I had my own mountains to climb as a kid and realize that if I could have received the help I needed, things might be quite different.

Fortunately I did have a few people in my life who made all the difference. I like to think I am returning the favor. We have to help each other and if we start when a person is a child, we can help make sure that person becomes a strong, capable individual. I am here to help and to create. Now you know how this writer thinks.