A New Series For Little Heroes

I am starting a new series where children are the heroes and animals inspire them.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

11/15/20211 min read

I have enjoyed creating 8 e-books for kids from the series 'Mareebee's Kaboodle'. Now that I finished this particular series of stories, I feel it is time to explore other avenues with kids. This one to start it off is all about our young heroes.

Our kids are amazing little people who see life in such a delightful way. As their personalities develop, they start to realize how they can impact their environment including the people and animals around them. In their imaginary roles, they conquer the world and fight dangerous beasts in order to save others.

But in order for this to happen, the characters they view in movies and internet gaming take a front row seat as some sort of hero. They identify with the way these beings are treated by others. That kind of popularity and the way others honor them is hard to beat. In fact, it becomes inspiration.

So in order to give them some sort of perspective between the imaginary world and the one they live in every day, I have taken on the role of a person who tries to inspire through my stories. Everyone wants to belong and be seen by others. It matters that we feel like we are one of the human tribe.

So this new line of stories will take a young person on a journey where they take on some kind of obstacle or project in order to make things a little better. It is about evolving into a responsible adult who cares and who has motivation to finish what they start for the benefit of others.