When Was Your Last Adventure?

Kids understand what an adventure is but we as parents have lost that sense of exploration and the magical concepts we learn.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

5/17/20221 min read

As a kid, at the drop of a hat I was in for something new that might lead to discoveries that could be exciting. It was all about learning and enjoying life. But as adults, we have made our lives structured and regulated so there is no time to investigate even the possibility of an adventure. We have to make an appointed time for even a holiday trip to allow for recreation.

Now I appreciate we do have responsibilities. There are also many things crying out for our attention every day. But we have forgotten to find the fun in even the little things. It just makes sense to enjoy your life and if that means seeing chores in a different light and making it laughable, so be it. Your kids would love you for it.

What we do instead is find time to spend with out children in fun ways they might enjoy like on an outing where you visit animals or maybe a weekend camping trip. So the time frame is generally restrictive and it is understood you are filling that time with things the kids would enjoy. Your own children understand you are squeezing fun in for them because it does not come spontaneously for you any more.

My point here is by changing our attitude to see any experience as an opportunity for adventure or at the very least, a laughable moment, we are once more transported to that mental state our children understand. It draws us closer together as a family if we relate in such a way that we take the time to just have fun. Stories can also allow us to share that sense of adventure. I wish that kind of adventure for each and every one.