Middle Childhood and Milestones

Kids aged 6-8 handle many milestones and these can be helped along with e-books that teach empathy.

7/3/2022 1 min read

The CDC claims that children ranging in ages from 6-8 are in their Middle Childhood years. They have overcome the challenges of learning to walk, dressing themselves and using full sentences and are well equipped to take on new learning in a classroom. Other kids the same age learn what kids their age like to do and start to notice differences and similarities.

I picked this age group to make my e-books for because I wanted to help them in that learning process which is so important. They are learning to be social and all about empathy. The pressures can be huge. Some of them thrive and show incredible advances in independence. They start to establish where they fit in the world and can glimpse the future.

Here they learn to pick friends who represent the same emotional level. A big part of that can be kids who already understand kindness because they have pets at home. Animals are one of the best teachers on the planet and children easily connect to their simplicity and develop empathy for any and all living things. Those kids want to make more friendship and show they care.

We all want to be liked and accepted. That is why friendship matters. But when we do experience those challenges that make us doubt our abilities and our worth, we have to know how to overcome the feelings and not let it stop us in our tracks. For such a positive experience, please consider the value of my books to children.