How I Respect Teachers

From the time I was a kid, teachers in my life made a difference. I wanted to share how I feel about that.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

6/7/20221 min read

I think it was my grade 2 teacher that really stuck in my mind. As a young child, I remember how big everything seemed and the whole experience of being in a room with big windows, squeaky wooden floors and a ruling parent sitting at the front of the room just overwhelmed me. All those little bodies sitting in uncomfortable desks facing forward like an army of little soldiers did not help either.

I knew a few of the kids but all those strangers who were noisy and begging for attention from the teacher just did not seem familiar to me. I was used to following a lot of orders about being quiet and conforming from my own family. So when the teacher was able to get the class under control, I knew this would work out.

I was the quiet kid who had to be coaxed to speak at that age. Things changed quite a bit later but back then, I was more comfortable just watching. That wonderful teacher sensed who I was and allowed me to speak when I finally decided to do so. Maybe she figured I had found something meaningful to say.

I found out that school did not have to be so bad because aside from learning reading, writing and arithmetic, we got to do some art work and play outside. Sometimes there would be a big gym get together for all students to make an announcement. So many kids all in one place was amazing but the staff had full control.

Years later looking back, I realized that teacher helped me to come out of my shell. I am very grateful. I just want you to know how much you mean to us kids. I could not have been an e-book writer without encouragement. My hat is off to all of you for what you do.