A Pen Pal who tested my e-books

A young school pen pal became a little friend and reviewed my book for me. It inspired me to write more for kids.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

9/18/20211 min read

In the early spring of this year, I decided I wanted to kid-test my bedtime stories for kids. I had the opportunity through another program to have a pen pal through the school system where I live. This afforded me the chance to meet a lovely young girl in grade two who corresponded with me till the end of term.

She and I hit it off and we had many great letters that passed between us. Her teacher read out the letters of each of the pen pals to the rest of the class and they seemed to be liking the ones between her and I. So I thought it might be okay to send along a printed copy of my book so the teacher could read it to the class and I told them they could keep the book for any of the kids to read themselves.

The book I chose to send was "The Day That Squeegee Was Tickled Pink" which was the first in the Mareebees Kaboodle series that I have been writing. The letter I got back after the book was read to the class was delightful. It seems that they liked it and that encouraged me greatly to continue my theme of an animal character overcoming obstacles as a learning experience for kids.

I am one of those spiritual types who believes things happen for a reason. When this process unfolded so simply and easily, I took that to be a sign it was meant to be. I hope that my following will sense that too since the whole purpose for me is to help kids. I hope that means it indirectly helps mom and dad too.

We are on this earth to help each other and if this positive approach to life helps others along the way, I would be delighted. If you are new to my e-books, please take a look. As time goes on, I hope to cover most possible situations so that it inspires the young hearts and minds. Thank you for your support.