Reading and Other Activities for Kids

I describe my experience and suggest some possibilities for parents to help them keep kids busy and entertained.

10/6/20220 min read

Reading kids bedtime stories is one of many ways to connect with them. But it serves many purposes at this time of day. It sends them off to their dream world with a positive story. It allows them to unwind from the day and it provides quality time with you parents. That is valuable enough but the story itself also is a major perk.

Kids often do not tell you about their challenges during the day. Reading about how a young child handles a particular problem and done in a way that encourages positive outcome is beneficial to allow them to share after they realize they can handle this new development. The story encourages them to realize how capable they really are.

Playing games with your kids during the day is also a way to create bonding experiences. They are tickled no end when they win a board game, especially if they did it better than a parent. It convinces them they are clever and capable. There are also other games they can find to play together that encourage fair play or even teach a new skill.

To that end, I have gathered a lot of potential games both online and off that kids can enjoy. Some can be found on You Tube and others on Netflix. There are those to play with one person or just a learning experience they can do on rainy days. I encourage you to check out my Pinterest board entitled 'Activities For Kids'.