Educating Our Kids

We are living in a world of people who no longer communicate well. They use poor English and have trouble expressing themselves. Reading helps children to learn more about word composition.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

10/24/20211 min read

Children first understand language when we repeat words to them as infants. They find out about the value of words early because the word has the ability to bring something to them they want. Now they have a little more control over their world. The parents are eager to respond and praise the child for making that connection.

As time goes on, so does the accumulation of vocabulary and an attentive parent can help them to refine what they say or even how they say it. It is an exciting thing to see a young child grasp the meaning of a single word or a phrase. Since it is all so new, children want to learn more and are eager to continue their education.

A parent who grasps this enthusiasm and reads to the child is helping that child immensely. Now kids can connect illustrations or photos to that group of phrases and actually absorb concepts. The more books are read, the more information is stored in a growing brain. But beyond this, reading becomes an opportunity for parents to further define and even use the examples to teach other things.

How many times has a parent been frustrated when a child repeatedly acts up or does something that is forbidden. Stories allow the parent to focus on the story but manipulate to teach a valuable lesson. It is a special bonding time for both the adult and child and is ripe for teaching. When handled with sensitivity and love, that lesson with the story are a huge asset.

I like to think my stories about overcoming obstacles is helping in that regard. We all want happy little children who grow up to be productive, loving adults. I recommend that all adults indulge in reading to help that along. The effort is well worth it.