Reading Can Change Your Life

I think back to find many of my great ideas came or were inspired by books.

8/16/20220 min read

I was one of those kids who wanted to go more into depth about taking on a new hobby or interest. Someone else might initially bring it to my attention but to get me convinced, I had to read up on it and find out more. The interesting thing about that is it began a habit that never quite left me and always served me well.

The things I learned by reading go beyond hobbies and interests. I found answers to questions I had that I was afraid to ask anyone else. Sometimes those answers matter a great deal. They might have to do with self esteem or self awareness. Since growing up is full of challenges, learning new things is a must in order to solve them.

Whenever I felt alone or sad, I could go to that magical place between book covers to get carried away into another world or become another character that was just more fun or capable. The fact that this is possible always fascinated me. It cheered me up, made me laugh, lifted my spirits and gave me hope. This in turn made me realize I could handle whatever came my way.

Since the possibilities are endless, why would you not read? It is the best thing I ever did for myself. No matter what, I could look something up, find another solution to a problem, learn about other places I could live, make new recipes and find new foods, even find new friends and all because I can read. What could be better than that? It opens up the world to new possibilities. Even at my age, I am still learning and still enjoy endless possibilities including writing books for others to read.