A Service Dog for Noah

This is a story of a young boy who was very depressed thanks to his condition of a chemical imbalance. His journey led him to a service dog who opened his world.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

9/26/20211 min read

In my 'Mareebee's Kaboodle' series of e-books, I have dedicated several stories of animal heroes who help young children to navigate a difficult life situation. These kids are able to overcome all obstacles thanks to the animal who comes into their lives.

The latest story is entitled, 'A Service Dog for Noah' which is number 8 in the series. This young boy encountered a wall of depression due to his body releasing chemicals that effected his life to the point he could not focus. Every day was an uphill battle for him and after he was diagnosed, new tools became possible so he could try to lead a normal life.

This is the sort of topic young children do not encounter often since it does not happen on a regular basis. I wanted other children out there to know this young boy is just the same as they are except his body releases chemicals differently. So it makes him very sad and sometimes angry without any reason that they might be able to see.

When there is understanding from others about something that appears to make us different, that person is not treated unfairly which often happens. I think this sort of life lesson is good for us all to see we need to support each other. If we can get this kind of empathy early on in our lives, we can understand so much more and become kind, decent adults who create a better world.

As my series progresses, there will be more stories children will be able to relate to. Again, we are all the same in that we need love and respect. I hope my efforts help to bring this to light.