Accepted Reasons for using e-books

Investigation reveals e-books have benefits. Here are a few

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

9/1/20211 min read

In this age of technology, it is inevitable that e-books are part of our experience and that goes for kids too. I was concerned to look into this further and re-leaved to find out there are definite benefits to using them. Here are a few: -

Good quality e-books improve literacy in young children when parents of young children use them as a learning experience.

Interaction with the child and the parent increases when e-books are involved.

Children with developmental delays are showing some improvement in understanding how words are broken down.

Often the book is read and re-read over and over which helps with literacy and retention.

Once the child is school age, they can pick up the e-book independently.

It has been discovered people consider e-books convenient and accessible.

Opportunities for learning experiences and life lessons are extended with good quality stories for e-books.