Sketch Noting for Kids

It has been discovered kids learn better when sketching information.

MaryBeth VanderMeulen

5/24/20221 min read

While writing a recent Quora post, I answered a question that led me to investigate the latest form of learning for kids which is called sketch-noting. It has a lot to offer.

This is a new concept within the last year which was implemented originally through a student. He passed on the thought that he found learning to be much easier if he made sketches of the material he was learning.This form of visual notes makes sense because just like writing down information in a lecture, the very act of writing something down makes it register in our brains.

Rayna Freedman, the teacher who began implementing this strategy believe this will help transitional education.Freedman has come to see sketch-noting as a bridge between early elementary, when students necessarily think visually because they are still learning to read, and middle school, where suddenly all visual thinking seems to stop.

Even with writing assignments, it was discovered sketch-noting a first draft improves the quality of the thinking and writing. Kids also add more detail as well. I think I understand this because creativity is an essential element in humans. The need to create something is alive and well in all of us. So this wonderful idea is helping kids to learn and to be more creative. What a great marriage of two concepts.

I am jealous that kids today are doing some innovative things in the arena of learning. Perhaps my contribution will also inspire young minds to find their creative spirit in my e-books for kids.