Choosing Books for Kids 6-8

I consider my books helpful in building character in kids. That is why I wrote this blog to discuss the best elements for kids in this age group.

10/13/20220 min read

The site 'Scholastic' has some interesting things to say about the kind of books kids aged 6-8 should be reading. They say: - At this age, children will understand cause and effect in stories and unspoken character emotions. They may be able to recount basic details like the who, what, when, and where of a story.

The research is clear that reading often and a great deal helps build background knowledge that children will draw upon in many situations. Read-aloud events are the perfect time to encourage your child to practice reading — this gives them confidence and opens up a dialogue about what they like and don’t like about their book.

“When selecting books to read to our youngest learners, look for colorful illustrations that will draw a child’s attention and draw them into the book,” Burke says. “A limited number of words on the page involves the child and moves them through the book. This builds reading stamina.”

By the end of second grade, Burke says children’s language fluency will have improved dramatically and they should be reading more words on a page. When choosing books for your child, consider where they are in their reading journey and which book attributes would best benefit their unique needs.

This is where I believe my e-books for kids comes in. The illustrations are fun and original and the message is always about overcoming obstacles. The material is both fun and educational. It will inspire your kids and give them the courage and incite to take on any challenge.