Noise Hurts Animals

I find it interesting that in spite of the fact we all do not like noise, we still forgive the presence and even let it happen knowing animals are being affected.

5/6/20241 min read

We found out years ago that noise heavily affects certain species in the ocean. Big liners and cargo ships make a lot of racket in the depths below. Imagine being held prisoner in that medium and not being able to escape in order to avoid it?

That brings to mind whales and other species that move slowly through a watery world. But that knowledge did not make humans alter their habits until recently when it became an issue, particularly in areas where underwater species were known to frequent in shipping lanes.

I feel for them knowing they call to each other and those signals can become muffled and lost. We are indirectly creating rippling effects that alter life itself. It turns out that such noise is prevalent everywhere in our modern world and has a psychological effect on people.

So when sudden noises release thousands of birds from a tree at night, many deaths ensue and all because of some thoughtless event we created below. Even the eggs of birds are now known to react when there is noise and can emerge as a more sickly version or even die before cracking that shell.

Our celebrations with balloons that escape into the ether and pop indiscriminately are an example of unexpected consequences to flying creatures. The remnants also cause plastic pollution. Then there is the holiday occasions with fireworks that go on and on causing all kinds of havoc, especially for migrating birds.

Animals are attuned to nature. A quiet forest is where they choose to live and they rely on their hearing to alert them to the presence of other creatures and danger. So is it any wonder they associate noise with danger? Since we too now realize 'forest bathing' is soothing for the soul, when will be change our habits to live in a quieter world?