Our Boys Need More Attention

I was interested to find out that boys as young as in grade one are reactive towards the expectations we place on them in society. I delve into this here.

9/26/20231 min read

Kids have changed in terms of how we see them over the years. My generation asked boys to learn from their fathers by being stoic, strong and macho. Of course, this has changed a great deal and as I have learned, boys just want to be treated like any kid. They want to be listened to and be themselves rather than fit into some image society has set for them.

I know that boys cry just as much as girls. But now, they feel like they do not have to hide this reaction. That is healthy as far as I am concerned. And if they like to do things once associated with feminine pursuits, they do not have to pretend this is a mistake. They can just enjoy the experience and cultivate their more feminine sides without worry or judgment.

You could argue that girls also have been labelled in certain ways to be what social norms prescribe. But women have been more vocal about their interests in spite of pressure while the boys remained envious and strangely silent. To complain would not be seen as manly. Thank goodness we have risen above this kind of pigeon-holing activity and freedom from set roles is now being spoken about.

As a parent, I have always known that our kids are the same in terms of their emotional needs and if we cater to those rather than hurling expectations at them, we will see the true personality of each child shine. Psychiatrists are now admitting this is the case, boys need love too. And though he might push you away because he is embarassed, he secretly is glowing because he knows he has your support no matter what.