Pet Insurance - More Cons Than Pros

I have often wondered about this because while it seems like a good idea, in a time of tight money, who can afford another monthly bill?

6/3/20242 min read

Years ago I had a little dog I loved dearly and when he became very ill, I was in a poor financial position to help him. That did not stop me though. I put it on my credit card and paid it off monthly. It was a tough time but since no one knew how this happened it gave me a good scare and got me wondering.

Even the vet told me there was such a thing as pet insurance and I should consider it. But in all the years since, I have always had dogs and never needed it again. I also started to hear from others that it was similar to all insurance in that only certain things are covered and much of the big ticket items were not.

For example, how do you prove what is happening was not preexisting? That is a favourite way to refuse claims with such companies. And who is supervising this affluent industry? Apparently they get away with whatever they want which means you are left hanging onto that bill.

I was also surprised to find out how much more expensive it is now than it was before. Of course, everything has gone up. But my instincts tell me they might be taking advantage. Also, it is not actually considered an insurance, at least in the same way as we understand the word.

The types of coverage include: accident only; accident, illness and wellness and finally, accident and illness. They charge you more if your pet is aging which doesn't seem fair. To top it all off, there is some sort of insurance-speak, a kind of double talk that does not allow for clarity so you can clearly see what is covered and what is not.

On top of everything else, if you are using the internet to compare pet insurance companies and what they offer, those sites may not be as accurate as you might like. Authenticity is everything and with all sites online, it might take some doing to ensure you are not being sold a bill of goods.

So my conclusion is, rather than driving myself crazy, I am not going to have it since I can afford to consider a certain level of costs if needed. It is not about saving money although every dollar does matter. I just don't like the hassle since it makes me feel like I am being used or manipulated. I will rely on myself instead.