Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Since Halloween is just around the corner, time to get busy and use your creativity to make some pumpkin crafts.

10/4/20231 min read

In our house, Halloween became like another season we could use as an excuse to decorate and make things for the occasion. So if that interests you, read on to see a few ideas I discovered that might be a fun thing to do. To start with, get a few orange balloons. Then fill them each with uncooked rice till they are round and solid. Tie a knot at the top and use a dark marker to make a face. Use them grouped together like a centrepiece or put one at each place setting for fun.

Decorate the family plants or even some of the lamps and furniture or the banister on the stairs with pom poms made from orange wool. Start with your usual 2 cardboard rounds, place them together and wind the wool around several times. Tie in the middle with a longer piece of yarn and cut where the cardboard edges are between each round. Fluff them up to make a ball. Use the longer middle tie to hang them like decorations.

Get mom to save a bunch of tin cans. Take off the paper label, wash them thoroughly and remove one of the metal ends. Now let the kids paint them orange and put a face on them. Put orange tissue paper in them and fill with goodies or use to hold things like pencils and pens or even candies.

You can purchase miniature pumpkins and cut out the lid, scoop out the insides and place a stick and a sail skewered through it in the middle. Now you can put them in a bathtub with a bit of water and make them float. Blow to get them to move and have a race. The first one to the other end wins.

Of course, real pumpkins that are full sized are the most fun since you can carve them with different faces and scoop out the pumpkin for mom to make some pumpkin bread or some other delicious edible. Do not throw out the seeds. They can be roasted and then eaten like like any other kind of seed.