Scouting for Kids is Back

As a kid, I went through being a guide and my brothers were involved in scouting. Here I review my experiences.

4/12/20231 min read

As a kid, I was encouraged to join the scout and guide movement. Here in Canada it was very popular as it was elsewhere. In fact, that is where I got a couple of pen pals who lived in England. Such a huge movement that works with kids was a world phenomena and went on for many years. The movement started in England with Baden Powell and dates back to the early 1900's.

had two brothers who became Queen Scouts by earning significant badges. My dad was a commissioner in the movement so it was logical I would be involved too. We all enjoyed the outside adventures where we learned how to pitch a tent, build a fire, create wooden furniture from the woods and alternate shelters. We also learned how to cook some meals over the fire and a lot of songs to sing.

I found the whole experience very enjoyable and along the way I got many badges and became a patrol leader. In later years when living in Nelson, B.C. I also joined the cubs as a leader and became the District President which gave me access to the history. It turned out this city was the first Canadian one to have a scout troop which in turn was inspected by Baden Powell himself. The first scout leader in Nelson was a school chum of Baden Powell so that is why such a status emerged.

Just recently I was watching an actor on television being interviewed who fondly recalled being a scout and wanted the same for his kids. So he and friends resurrected scouting in their town. I was so pleased to hear this because you learn so much by being an active member. The friendships you make and the the trips you take serve you well as you grow up.