Sir Tyler The Dragon Slayer

This is my latest book that describes a young boy and his belief he would be great if he were to become a knight and slay dragons.

12/2/20220 min read

This latest e-book is entitled, 'Sir Tyler, The Dragon Slayer'. I decided to write this e-book because kids can live in an imaginary world. This should be encouraged because it leads to discovery and inevitably, they will learn from the experience. One of the most common imaginary pursuits is the child becomes a hero and by being one is admired by one and all.

We all want to be admired or at least appreciated for who we are. That acceptance comes with time and realistic expectations. But while we are kids, we get to fantasize and become any character we like. So we can try it on, test drive the feelings and see where it goes. But while doing that, there are concepts we absorb that make us follow certain beliefs. This is the time parents might want to intervene.

For example, Tyler thought being a dragon slayer was important if he wanted to be a good knight. He did not know why knights of old were employed in that occupation but he assumed it was a good thing because it seemed to be popular. While this is based on a fantasy, the idea that anything has to be killed in order for a person to become popular is a seed you do not want to plant.

Rather, it is an opportunity to talk about how in the real world, this is not a good thing because we treasure animals, even those who seem to be big and monstrous to us. In the story, a young boy learns that all dragons are not bad and that all living things are connected. Also, heroes can be kind and understanding too.