Talkking To The Animals

Scientists are concentrating on communication in the animal world to better aid humans in many different ways.

2/5/20241 min read

After reading several scientific articles regarding communication and scientific interest in the same, I too was hooked and had to wonder what they would say should we ever develop the capability of interpreting their sounds so we can understand them.

It seems astronauts in orbit are also considering communication and they are using cat videos to see if we can transmit information in that form all the way into deep space. It is called the Deep Space Optical Communications experiment.

They want to know if they can transmit data that will not distort when sent all the way to places like Mars. They use laser communications and need a clear night with nothing in the way in order to get it right. They used a flight laser transceiver for the first time and it worked beautifully.

Meanwhile, another scientific team on earth has been studying sperm whales and evaluating their clicks to determine any differences that might be construed as a conversation or information being communicated. It is known sperm whales do not moan or send out deep sounds. Their 'talk' sounds like popcorn popping.

These whales can be found in the tropics and are always hunting, particularly for squid. The scientists figure they must travel over 20,000 miles per year. The clicks originate from an organ in their large heads, sometimes they send out a few and other times there is a burst of them referred to as codas.

This burst of codas is where the interest lies since it equates to a conversation. Through the use of hydrophones and drones, they hope to learn more.

Imagine if we were able to understand what they were saying and would they tell us what is happening under water and ask for help to save their habitat? Stay tuned.