Tech and Social Interactions

This is a post I made on Quora that was popular and I think it is important to share.

1/17/20241 min read

These days we can be walking with friends and we are not looking at them or talking to them. We are looking at our cell phone screens. If one of your crowd wanted your attention, they would have to send you a text or actually call you because this will make you acknowledge them.

We are on our computers every day and making comments and expecting some connection from doing so. Yet we do not know that person and cannot rely on them actually answering us. Then there is the mindless stuff we scroll endlessly on Tik Tok and other sites which just fills our time and offers nothing concrete to our day.

Many watch You Tube videos which can be entertaining and informative. I find them useful. But so many are using them to follow someone and they feel they know this person because they see them every day or few days in a video. But they really don't, they are just familiar.

This activity is like an addiction where we need to service it daily but it gives us nothing back. In other words, we are worse off because we become more anxious and stressed every day. If we stopped for two minutes and thought about this, we would realize we are trying to make connections but going about it all wrong.

Joining a group where you work or in school is one way to meet people and to do something worthwhile. You could take a night school class or check out bulletin boards or the newspaper to see what activities are happening in your area. Real life activities are where you will meet people. Even in a library, you are likely to make some form of real connection.

We are craving real human relationships. Being online for endless hours is not doing the trick and is making things worse. Get out of your rut and make a serious change. You will feel better and might actually make some real flesh and blood friends.