Teresa and The Christmas Cow

This is my latest book about a young girl and a special cow who was drawn to Teresa and who taught her that animals can care about you too.

12/15/20220 min read

We all know that it is easy to love animals. But to have one that loves you back is very special indeed. My latest e-book is called, 'Teresa and The Christmas Cow'. In this special book for Christmas, I talk about Teresa who lives on a dairy farm.

Kids who live on farms have a bit of an advantage over other kids because their exposure to nature is on a daily basis. They learn a lot about caring for them and about their very unique habits. This encourages curiosity and empathy in children. They are also inspired to learn more about all of nature and how we fit into that world. This is healthy and something we should all be so lucky to have.

In this story, Teresa notices one cow in particular is special. The cow is watching her and seems to be doing goofy things just to get her attention. No doubt kids who have pets at home notice this same action from their own pets who just want attention. But I think animals know us better than we think. Some even sense what we will do next and are especially intelligent about making us feel better when we feel sad.

One thing I know as a human who is connected to my environment and the cosmic world is that we are all connected. Animals are also aware of this since they are part of nature. That means they use their senses to understand the world. We have forgotten how to do that which is why spending time in nature is so important. They have abilities we need to re-learn.

This e-book lets Teresa know that there is a magical world at work even though she is unaware of it. The cow is connecting to her need to laugh. The emotions that are not good for us are fear, anger, anxiety and sadness. This special cow decided to help her become much happier. It is a great gift. We all need such a devoted creature in our lives to make us aware our world is delightful and all we have to do is plug in.